Creating conversations that promote

thoughtful and conscientious living

At Kausmo,

we celebrate imperfections.

“Derived from the word “Cosmos” – a system of thought, Kausmo promotes thoughtful living by challenging food norms that bring about unnecessary wastage."
Press Release
Chew Shian (Left) and Lisa Tang (right)
Lisa Tang & Kuah Chew Shian, Co-Founders of Kausmo
Lisa and Chew Shian believes that sustainability and social good should be at the core of businesses. Graduated from the same diploma in culinary management, the co-founders share a keen interest and curiosity about food systems as well as the cultivation and utilisation of climate appropriate edibles. The duo has been listed on Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia 2020, and have been featured on local publications like CNA Luxury, Business Times, and Zaobao.
Kausmo started out as a cosy 16-seater restaurant at Shaw Centre. Through the format of a 6-course meal, Kausmo strived to raise awareness about produce that are aesthetically filtered based on retailers’ standards and inspire guests to be more thoughtful in the ways they consume.
After 4 years, the co-founders of Kausmo have decided to let go of their physical space so as to bring the same ethos and concept of thoughtfulness to the masses in the form of pop-ups, workshops, collaboration dinners and other special events.
Chew Shian (Left) and Lisa Tang (right)
Staying true to our goal of promoting thoughtfulness through challenging food norms and unnecessary food wastage, Kausmo offers curated menus based on produce availability and thoughtful procurement. Our ethos can be summarised in these four pointers:
Dishes served at Kausmo are created based on the following themes:
  • Aesthetically Filtered - imperfection is perfection by Mother Nature.
  • Climate Appropriate Crops - championing produce that thrives in our land.
  • Minimal Waste Approach - utilising each produce in its entirety.
  • Responsibly Sourced - selecting our produce with ecological impact in mind.
“We’ve learnt to embrace the volatility of our ingredients, because Mother Nature is just as beautifully unpredictable!”
Flavourful dishes combining European techniques with Asian influences, inspired by thoughtful stories.
Home brew kombucha and wines can be selected according to our curated menu. Our still-styled kombucha adds a refreshing complexity to our food. Our wines are selected from a range of biodynamic, sustainable and/or organic labels.
From small intimate dining sessions to canapés for product launches, farm-to-table dining experiences, and even large scale food festivals, Kausmo is able to adapt and curate custom menus for your event requirements.
Reach out to us via button below and we will revert with a tailored proposal.
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Krusty by Kausmo
Artisanal bakes, kombucha and sauces are made in-house utilizing aesthetically-filtered produce. Formerly sold by pre-order, our seasonal products will now be made available for purchase at various events we participate in. For more updates, visit our Instagram & Facebook pages.
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